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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

Lifestyle By Amans Brindled

Clifford Ward Artist

Trenton 365

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Clifford Ward.  This hidden artist is located on the "Grounds For Sculpture" in Hamilton NJ.  Those who have visited this hidden gem location, know about the year round pleasure art can bring both indoors and outside.

"Cliff" a graduate from Rider University who recently had a successful showing at The Trenton City Museum, "Ellarslie" works in a multitude of mediums.  The attached pictures are pieces he created using bandages.  

As with most art, the beauty is in eye of the beholder.  However if his style meets your taste, you have to make a point to meet this man in person.  His story is wonderful, his passion for art and how it can transform lives is heart warming, and to top it off he has a desire to share his gifts with children who have never experienced art's ability. 

* Photos are by David Byers Ewing NJ