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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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Trenton Mural Arts Project

Trenton 365

Trenton Mural Arts
Feb-Apr 2011

Keep in mind that the Trenton Mural Arts Project community paint day at the Home Rubber site near the McDonalds on
Cass Street
has been rescheduled from Saturday 4/16 to Sunday 4/17.  Yes it is Palm Sunday; however the painting will be from 12-3pm.

Thank you to Taneshia Laird, Candice Fredericks and Phil DeRose and others who have worked long hours on this project and are dedicated to making Trenton thrive; they indeed are part of the 365!

The first meeting was at Artworks.  I attended with David Byers.  In attendance was several of the “Trenton 365”.  After an introduction about the team, the concept and proposed plan, we broke into small groups for discussion.  I sat with Jon Narr and 3 other residents from Trenton.  After the meeting we went to the TCR (Trenton Cycling Revolution) meeting, more information about TCR in a later blog.

The Trenton Mural Arts project is collaboration with Artworks, Trenton Downtown Assoc., Destination Trenton, City of Trenton and Princeton University.

Jane Golden who is the creator of the mural arts program in Philadelphia is one of the many driving forces behind the expansion into Trenton.  She is also an instructor at Princeton University.  Jane had many positive things to say, however she diverted attention from herself and put it onto the project, the artist and what the program has the ability to do.  “Students can change the world!”  Jane has a way of motivating you with very few words.
Noliwe Rooks who is the Associate Director at Princeton University’s Center for African American Studies is the other.  Noliwe who is consistently quiet about her role brings a wonderful spirit to the project, and several years of dedication to make this happen.
The artist is Philip Adams who has been with the Philadelphia Mural arts program for several years, and has led several murals.  He mentioned that he has travelled to and stayed in Trenton on several occasions over the last 7 years and is excited about the project and to be here.  Kudos to Philip!  Several of Philips projects incorporate different mediums such as stained glass, the murals are interactive.

In my first breakout session thoughts came to mind of the space being organic, something that would be a “welcome sign” to travelers coming into Trenton via 129 and the Riverline.  The site has several issues because of the proximity to the highway, from some angles the view may be obstructed by things such as safety fencing, commercial multi story billboards and the fact that the mural will be on several buildings that are different heights.    In closing I have gained new friends from this project, spent time with old acquaintances and expect nothing but a world class project which I am sure the team and our City will accomplish.

As always thank you for visiting.  Share this with friends, make some suggestions about people, places or services and I will check them out.