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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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Trenton Cycling Revolution's 15th Annual Bike Tour THE RIDE!

Trenton 365

Trenton Cycling Revolution
June 2011

On Saturday May 21, 2011 Trenton Cycling Revolution TCR held its 15th annual bike tour of Historic Trenton NJ. 

Jacque Howard and TCR Chair Dan Fatton
Trenton Cycling Revolution Chair, Dan Fatton does a wonderful job leading the charge and being the point person for the organization.  Dan handles the meetings in an orderly, timely manner with very clear objectives. 

Each member takes biking seriously and is a true promoter.  See the website for a current list of members. 

The weather was a gorgeous 80 degrees with a slight breeze.  See the below link at  for the route.  BTW you can download the Runkeeper app on your mobile device for free.  I would rate the app 8 out of 10 mainly because it is free and I haven’t had any major issues.

Trish Long and TCR Chair Dan Fatton

Trish did a nice job with the permits and setting up the route.  Helen, the organizations Secretary keeps precise notes and transferred that ability as a ride marshall.  David Byers, Alex Justino, Jim Simon and Jacque Howard along with several others in the organization participated.  Get well soon Matt!

The ride started towards Mercer Hospital and then to the DNR canal.  This portion of the ride was absolutely gorgeous!  It’s amazing how close, but far away you can be in a city. 

Don Pilsbury

Trenton Police escorted the ride, thank you to the Women and Men of the Police Force

The midway point included a stop at Artworks.  Volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club helped with refreshments and the riders had a chance to see the latest exhibit as well as hear some live music.

L-R; Jacque Howard, Vanessa Howard, Lisa Kasabach, Pete Kasabach and TCR Chair Dan Fatton

As we returned to Cadwalader Park we were met by several vendors including Trenton Social who provided lemonade and the site of the after ride lunch.

Thank you to Knapps for providing free service before and during the ride.

Trenton Social provided refreshments and a luncheon after the ride, thanks TC!
Jason shown above is one of the members of the Social Staff.

Alex Justino

David Byers

As always, thank you for visiting!

* All pictures on this blog were courtesy of David Byers Ewing NJ.  Documentation by Alex Justino can be found on the TCR website.