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Lifestyle By Amans Brindled

Dan Regan Comedian

Trenton 365

Trenton 365

Comedian Dan Regan

September 2011

Growing up in the Trenton area, Dan Regan always found humor in practically anything he could think of.  You have to ask him about how he stole the show as a young person in front of his Grandparents.

From his early hearings of Jackie Mason and many other comedians on TV, Dan knew at a young age what he wanted to do, MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH!  In junior high he received the accurate title as "class clown".

Dan’s desire to be in the spotlight grew and led him to pursue acting in High School where he attended the Mercer County School of Performing Arts.  BTW he graduated in the top of his class.

After High School, Dan put his acting & comedy aspirations on hold to attend College.  His life experiences such as working at a Mexican eatery, his Italian family and playing softball all led to his vast array of material.  This Eddie Murphy fan can recite lines from Raw and Delirious so spot on you will wonder why he doesn’t do more impressions.  In his 20’s Dan married and unfortunately the union didn’t work, but the experience provided more material for the future comedian. 


Fast forward to 2003 and 
Dan decided to follow his 
dreams. That year he finally 
picked up where he left                    
off so many years ago and           
did his first Open Mic at 
The Laff House in Philadelphia. 

That night he was approached and booked to his first stand up show and has not looked back since. He has appeared on Sirius Satellite Radio discussing Howard Stern and has performed at the Stress Factory in New Brunswick as well as the Scottish Rite Theater in Collingswood N.J., not to mention several shows in various Elks Lodges, bars and firehouses.

Can you say Howard Stern Roundtable?
Dan will be doing something soon he has desired for a long time, to perform in the city where it all began, Trenton N.J.

On Friday, October 7th at the Trenton Social Club (see previous blogs) Dan along with fellow comics will be bringing the laughter back to a city that has been frowning for far too long.

I'm not sure if he likes Rosie or her finger in her nose?

I guess Roseanne in a bathing suit doesn't tickle his fancy?

You can follow Dan and his daily rants on twitter!/DanRegans and if you need another friend, you can friend him on Facebook
You can also find his performing dates on his website

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