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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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Who/What/Where/When??? is this Trenton350!

Trenton 365

Good day to you all.  Thank you to the brave souls who heard my first introduction about Trenton350, went to the link and started following.

Who is the Trenton350?  A collection of diverse people who want to see Trenton be better, and are willing to act on this belief.  We understand policy is needed, however action is our way.

What is the Trenton350?  The story goes like this, beginning several years ago over a nice pool party a discussion began about positive happenings in Trenton.  This led to a discussion as to why we see the same people all over Trenton doing lots of positive things!  We then thought it's about 350 people in Trenton doing most of those things, and what else could be done if they were organized and focused on a specific project?  This morphed into 350 new residents of each of the following groups; 350 young adults, 350 retirees, etc.  Hey that would be a critical mass.

Where is the Trenton 350?  We are a community!  What community you may ask?  Well our community is anyone, anywhere we come into contact with!

When is the Trenton 350?  Right now, this is the best time of our lives, so we are going to make it work.

Consider these few things;
Trenton is less than 2 hours from the mountains, beach, New York City and Philadelphia.
Trenton has history, it is the birthday place of our country!
Trenton has good housing stock that is below market value.
Trenton has a diverse population.
and on and on.

So what you may say, Trenton is just like any other Post-Industrial city that has faded.  Well knucklehead, this is where I am and where I am willing to try, will you and yours join me?

In closing GIT so we can meet in person, chat about Trenton350 and what our plan is.