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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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Trenton 365

Trenton 365

Welding & Ironworks
Chris Hiltey

Chris Hiltey is my new profile.  His office/warehouse/gallery is located on Monmouth St. between Clinton and State streets.


As you approach the space you will realize it’s been there for years, over 30!  I asked myself, “how come you haven’t stopped here before?”  Divine timing I guess, but now I have a new friend! 

Chris Hiltey

Chris is a quiet gentleman with a great sense of humor and vast knowledge about his craft.  BOLT is a fabrication company specializing in metal and steel however, don’t limit your thoughts to the large amounts of fencing and railing on the property, give call him about your next project, remember Chris is an artist and a craftsman! 

Interior of the shop-1

Interior of the shop-2

The atmosphere of the shop is friendly, energetic and you can tell things get done here.  I've met with several members of his crew and a few of his friends.  I believe it's safe to say his crew would refer to him as a “brother”, “uncle”, “mentor” and or “friend."  

Tools of the trade-1

Tools of the trade-2

Tools of the trade-3

The photos below are some of the items in and around the BOLT facility.

The below photos are some of the architectural items on site.

Some of Chris' sculptures

These would make awesome planters

Oh yeah Chris sold them!

In Trenton we have wonderful committed people, artists, craftsmen, leaders and businesses doing some amazing things without attention.  I personally will be profiling them.

Visit them, follow them on social media and tell them you heard about them through Trenton365!