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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

Lifestyle By Amans Brindled


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Ahmad Shakir

Trenton born DJ Ahmad Shakir aka “itsjustahmad” is here for you to hear!  Ahmad is one of the members of SAGE Coalition and handles the “event day” activities and all things sound related.

You can hear him spinning on a regular basis at Trenton Social Thursday nights with DJ Tangency as well as Gallery 219 openings.  Gallery 219 is located on Hanover St. in Trenton next to the Ghandi Garden.

Ahmad has been on the 1&2’s for 15 years.  His love of music was found at 3 years old as he listened to the music of his Grandmother and other family friends.

“itsjustahmad” had diverse interest in music throughout his teens enjoying Sade, RunDMC, Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson and Aerosmith.  Nowadays Ahmad continues to expand his musical palette listening to Gospel, Jazz, Hip Hop and Indie Rock.  His focus this week has been Alabama Shakes.  Going back a little further and the sounds flowing in his ears were Adele, Bill Withers and Dilated Pupils.  

Our conversation turned to fashion of which Ahmad has no interest in the current youth trend of skinny jeans and fluorescent colors.  He still rocks the style of his youth, Adidas.  He shared about his first pair of White with Black “Shelltops.”  He described his style as B-boy Prep or Skate Prep.  I call this look “Urban Classic”, always clean and fresh, denim/jean pants are fine, oxford shirt and a jacket.  Accessories like a tie, hat/cap, jewelry are added personal expressions.  The thought process is to be ready for anything you will encounter in an Urban Setting.   

Thoughts on Trenton?   Ahmad believes Trenton has the potential to become a staple in the USA again.  "We have lots of talent with room for growth."  We agree that NOW is the time for the Trenton350 to solidified Trenton as a destination.

DJ-itsjustahmad can be reach via the following

As always see and hear for yourself about this Trenton365 member spinning on the 1& 2’s and tell him you heard about him here!