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Lifestyle By Amans Brindled

Anthony Fearron MaddTronix

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Anthony Fearron

Anthony Fearron or DJ MaddTronix as he is also known made an impression on me similar to an allergic reaction to a honeybee sting.  Why that analogy you may ask?  

Consider this,
·     Honeybees have specific jobs they must do.  Anyone who has been around Anthony will attest to his focus on creating in every capacity.
·     A sting by a honeybee will surely bring back thoughts of each encounter.      
·     Honeybees are severely misunderstood, underappreciated and unnecessarily feared.

In my opinion Anthony Fearron the “ARTIST” fits all of these.  His work has intense depth with his technique of layering.  His creative spirit provides him the freedom to let the energy dictate what to do next.  Focusing on a singular direction in Anthony’s work is futile, try changing the perspective by rotating the piece!

The Long Island, NY born Fearron graduated from Deer Park High School.  He shared one of his life experiences when friend Pete Shipman introduced him to Jimi Hendrix’s version of the “Star Spangled Banner.”  

Long Time Friend and fellow Artist Karey Maurice Counts (L) and Fearron (R) WIMG Studio 2013

Fearron recalls the moment by saying, “My life had changed at that moment.”  Another statement from Fearron mimics my personal experience when I met Hendrix.  Several people of color didn’t get it and nixed the thought of outside the box thinking, some said, “He’s a white boy, he plays rock n roll etc.”  That didn’t deter me or Fearron and THANK GOD!  Anthony finishes this segment by saying "From that moment I would listen to everything under a stone" referring to music.

MaddTronix rattled off several genres of music and experiences that went with them including House, Disco, the Tramps, New Wave, Semi-Punk, Industrial, Techno, Gothic, Dup-Step, Jungle, Trip-Hop and Glitch for example.  Two stories he shared included how “Ministry’s” Land of Rape & Honey impacted him.  His self-proclamation that he is one of the 1st African Americans into the Industrial/Gothic scene.  He backed this up by saying he was at first Long Island show of Ministry.  This performance took place at the club “Spy’s.”  The other testimony to Tronix and his art and music was his time on the air at WRSU-88.7FM on the campus of Rutgers University.  The link is a collaborative with Daizo from 12/2006.

Tronix gave some info about his time on the air at WRSU from 1996-2007 during the years of the Melody Circuit.  During that time Trenton and New Brunswick had a 4 to 5 bar/club circuit happening.  Those of us from Trenton would start at Mundy’s, Perry’s Clubhouse, Perry’s Club14 then to City Gardens followed by a trip up to New Brunswick’s Roxy(sp) and The Melody.  While we reminisced we laughed about creating a Melody-2 circuit, hmm stay tuned!

10 words on the mind of “Tronix”
1.   wonderful
2.   gift
3.   tomorrow
4.   impression
5.   faith
6.   hope
7.   Bora-Bora
8.  Paris
9.  Japan
10.     Bliss

Anthony spent some time in Japan spinning music and gathering inspiration for painting.  His artwork is in England, Paris, Japan and throughout the USA. 

SOME of his work can be seen at the Exit7A studio on W. Front St. in downtown Trenton as well as 

The Euphemia Gallery 200 North Main St., Hightstown, NJ 08540 609-443-8300

Anthony, like the other many talented men and women in the Trenton art scene has big plans with high expectations, and I believe in him!  Beside his appreciation of the works of Basquiat, a viewing of  Jackson Pollock and Michaelangelo’s work at MOMA inspired him at the age of 10 and motivates him to succeed.   

Here are a couple of quotes to give you some more insight about Anthony Fearron/MaddTronix;
“Everyone has ability, but very few accept it or use it.”

“This is not just the battle but working through it to see victory.”