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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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Tamara Ramos-Prisonera

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Tam Ramos

On Thursday June 27, 2013 I had the pleasure to interview "Tam" Ramos on the Trenton 365 Show.  Filmmaker Husband Kell came along as well.

Tam is an artist with several different irons in the fire.  Therefore you know I find her intriguing.  We share several mutual friends, believe art can and will be a major part in the revitalization of Trenton and believe in doing something about issues.

Tam has taken her personal experiences and morphed them into a form of expression that in my opinion provides therapy.

For now, Tamara expresses herself as a photographer, painter and fashion designer.

Bubi is her venture into fashion/garment industry with a planned release in September 2013

On the Trenton365 Show Tam shared a bit of her story, in short she was born in Trenton, lived in some of the more challenged areas, relational issues within her community/family etc.  Those life experiences that have become all to familiar and accepted have helped her to grow into the present day force that she is.  Force is not a strong word considering she has been recognized for her achievements internationally with trips to London and Milan.

Tam has and will not let experiences seemingly good or bad slow her down or prevent her from being a vessel that is filled and overflowing so others can benefit.  

Tam and Kell Ramos have several things planned for the rest of 2013 such as the release of the documentary "Misty Dawn", fashion launch and continuous creating but you should seek them out personally for some face time.

On Saturday June 29th, Tam will have an event in New York called Prisonera, see below.!tumblr-feed/cr36