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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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A Social, Cypher or a Meet and Greet?

Jacque Howard

A Social, Cypher or a Meet and Greet?

An informal social gathering, esp. one organized by the members of a particular club or group.

The process of tapping into your subconscious.  A state of mind where thoughts and actions flow from your mind rather than being instrumented. Clearly shown in freestyle/beatbox circles and breakdancing.

Meet and Greet
An organized event during which a celebrity, politician, or other well-known figure meets and talks to the public.

This post is about all of the above.  Trenton has long been know for it’s slogan ‘Trenton Makes The World Takes," shortened if you ask some folks and like many other post-industrial cities many will ask, what do we/they make now?

Many people will reply the usual negative items, drugs, gangs, corruption, a class of poor people and so on.  Well the Trenton365 will continue to work counter to the naysayers and general print media to showcase the positives.

Event #1
The Mill Hill section of Trenton held a "meet and greet" to introduce the new and “less new” neighbors to each other.  The event was held at the Trenton Social 

Peter Hobday & Councilwoman Marge Caldwell-Wilson

Since it's opening "Social" has become a thriving bar, restaurant, venue, art gallery and meeting place. Being just a short stroll fromTrenton Mill Hill it only makes sense that Peter Hobday would choose this as the location.


Jacque Howard,
The Mill Hill Meet & Greet your neighbors was a huge success. It proves, people need a mid-week relaxing break in their hectic lives. Living in Mill Hill since 1985 and then purchasing my home in 1987 I have seen many changes in the neighborhood. Once vacant lots are now rows of grand multi level townhomes. Mill Hill has always prided itself on many levels but one of it's special traits is it's neighbor friendly reputation.
Neighbors talk and look out for one another in this neighborhood. The Mill Hill Meet & Greet is just another occasion to bring people together, a time to meet and greet your new neighbors.
Joe Fyz and I (Pete Hobday) would love to thank the neighbors who participated in this event and also a special thank you to TC Nelson the owner of Trenton Social for accommodating our group and providing a delicious assortment of food.  
Pete Hobday 


Event #2
I was having a conversation with a friend "LTC" who asked what I knew about Cyphers. During the brief conversation we brainstormed several versions that would make her event EPIC!  A few weeks later at the Pretty Business Tuesdays networking event by founder Ericka Pressley, I was introduced to Neisha Kelly writer of the blog, Loverzquarrel   Many thanks to Will "Deshair" Foskey for the introduction.

At a later brainstorming session we organized a starter event where the subject would be relationships. During this cypher several topics were discussed, one of the attendees sent me this note.

TRENTON-- So, it's a Thursday night and I'm on Facebook running through the news feed that never seems to stop and I stumble across a relationship blog cipher happening at the Trenton Social in just 30 minutes. I hop in the car and head right over because I recognize that despite feeling like I have a firm grasp of what it is to be in a quality relationship, I understand that sometimes feeling like you know something doesn't necessarily mean you really do. Indeed, relationships at times can be hard work. I don't have to tell you this, we hear it all the time at the barber shop or at the hair salon, around the water cooler at work, at the church, in school, in the news, you name it, the issues surrounding relationships are all around us. But being a African American male, the issues in Black Relationships trouble me in particular. New York Daily News Columnist Ralph Richard Banks reported in 2011 that roughly 7 in 10 black children are born to unmarried partners. Conditions like this almost always lead to children being raised by one parent, which believe you me, can be a struggle and a strain on families. So, I said all that to say that the more we talk about these relationship issues, the more we can begin to address to them and not deny their existence. Indeed, that's a big reason I went to the Relationship Blog Cipher hosted by Neisha Kelly, a relationship blogger. I wanted to hear some thoughts and feedback on what's happening in our relationships. I wanted to receive some insight on some of the dysfunction plaguing our partnerships. And after going, I can definitely say my expectations were met. During the Cipher, we talked about a whole host of issues and topics. The subject matter ranged anywhere from whether it was necessary to have a 'checklist' of things you want from a relationship to whether relationships should be liberating or restrictive.  
The discussion was on the one hand refreshing because it truly felt like a sigh of relief to get some things out in the open and clear the air about relationship concerns yet at the same time our exchange was somewhat challenging to the extent it got me to give careful to my ways in relationships. The Relationship Blog Cipher is a conversation that needs to be continued and from speaking to the show's host Neisha Kelly, there is more yet to come...  

Event #3 
The First Friday Flamingo Social took place in the Hiltonia Association section.  Community Activist, Artist-Elise Mannella invited me to the event and shared the below image, more are available on the link for the Hiltonia Association.