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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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The Crisis Ministry Hanover Street Garden Summer 2013

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The Crisis Ministry Hanover Street Garden

In 2012 the BHOH Community Garden was created in partnership with the Urban Mission Cabinet Inc., The Crisis Ministry and Isles.  Many other others volunteered time, talent and treasures to make this a wonderful share garden.

The basis of the garden would be to share 50% of the produce with the neighborhood through the programs of the Crisis Ministry.

Carolyn Biondi addressing the crowd #1

Carolyn Biondi addressing the crowd #2

Carolyn Biondi addressing the crowd #3
Fast forward Fall of 2012 the physical action steps to create the “Crisis Ministry Hanover Street Garden” begins. 

July 2013, the following are excerpts from the opening presented by Carolyn Biondi, Executive Director [ED] of the Crisis Ministry.


We are pleased to have everyone here to share in the celebration of this wonderful effort to make our garden on Hanover Street a reality.  Jarrett Kerbel former ED, Mark Smith Hunger Prevention Director, landlord Rev. John Allen and Admin.  Maria Newman had dreamed for several years about a green space that would beautify our neighborhood and provide produce for our neighbors in need.

Several partners moved to make that dream a reality:
·      Christen Foell and Bobby Hackett from the Bonner Foundation who provided the funds and support the work of the Crisis Ministry.
·      Jacque Howard and the Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen from the Urban Mission Cabinet Inc. who partnered on the Bethany House of Hospitality Community Garden and brought inspired ideas and key partners to the effort on Hanover St.
·      Jim SimonMarty Johnson and Isles Youth Build Institute students, who lent their expertise of urban agriculture, sweat equity and volunteer connections to the project.
·      Artists Will “Kasso” and Jim “Luv One” Kelewae from SAGE Coalition NJ who painted the Richie Havens inspired mural and Wils “Wheels” Kinsley for the bicycle wheeled market cart.
·      Heather McNeil-Nazareth of Mercer County for soil consulting.
·      Christine Thomas of Thomas’ English Gardens for design work.
·      Pineland Nursery for perennials.
·      Hlubik Farms for vegetables and herb plants.
·      SAGE Coalition’s Gandhi Garden for shrubbery and ground cover.
·      Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton University Varsity Club, NRG-Energy, Grace-St. Paul’s Episcopol Church of Hamilton and Janssen Pharmaceuticals for volunteers.
·      Crisis Ministry Board Chair Fred Van Sickle and Boardmembers who provide leadership and vision for the Crisis Ministry in new efforts like this.

Wils Kins with hat, Fabricator of the Bicycle Market Cart

Recycled bicycle parts

Muralist Will Kasso sharing about the Richie Havens inspired mural

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