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Jacque Howard's Trenton 365 is a community building program that advocates for and endorses private citizens, nonprofit groups and businesses in the greater Trenton area. 

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City-Wide Community/Police Dialogue

Jacque Howard

February 2015

Trenton 365 On Location
February 23, 2015
Community/Police Dialogue

City-Wide Community/Police Dialogue. Continuing our Local Conversation.

6:30-8:30pm, door open at 6pm.

This is a moderated dialogue and everyone has a voice.

Moderators: Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen and Patrick Hall 

Mayor Jackson and Police Director Parrey will be joining us for the dialogue.

Organized by the Trenton Citizens-Police Advisory Council and the Trenton Police Department.

FREE PARKING is available behind the building, on the street and in the State parking lots across the street and the other side of the War Memorial off Memorial Drive. There is also a paid parking garage next to the Wyndham Garden Hotel.

For more information on the dialogue: Maria Kelly ( 609-273-3490) 

For more details see:

Approximately 200 people were in attendance for this rescheduled event held at the Historic Masonic Temple, which proved to be a good location.

Moderators Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen and former Mayoral Candidate Patrick Hall did a fine job keeping the evening flowing along with coordinator Maria Kelly and the other members of the team.  The City of Trenton Administration was represented along with the TPD-Trenton Police Department and various organizations, business and community leaders.

This gathering of “who’s who” in Trenton Civic Engagement provided a first step to address concerns and the sharing of information between citizens and the police.  The panel included CPAC-Citizens Police Advisory Committee, TCCA-Trenton Council of Civic Associations members, residents and Police Director Ernest Parrey.

The audience was an adequate representation of citizens in Trenton including the 3 largest ethnic populations, African American or Black, Caucasian or White and Latino Hispanic however noticeably missing were the youth and the under 25 years old population.

Although much of the comments from the citizens were an opportunity to vent or get issues off ones chest, questions were asked regarding efforts to improve quality of life issues, traffic units, treatment of residents by law enforcement, newly acquired vehicles and more. 

This event was a good start to developing better relations between the police and residents of New Jersey’s Capital City however the fact remains we have work to do in several areas but not limited to the engagement of citizens in the process to make Trenton a better community, including and actively listening to the youth and young adult residents, addressing quality of life issues such as the enforcement of ordinances regarding noise control, cleanliness, traffic violations and many other items that are a staple to life in the surrounding communities of Ewing, Lawrence, Hamilton, Princeton and Bordentown.

Dan Fatton, former President of the I Am Trenton Foundation and a resident of the Mill Hill neighborhood, made suggestions regarding policing and offered to work with Director Parrey and any others in an effort to research the idea of decriminalizing marijuana in Trenton NJ. 

I find this subject very interesting considering the early success of the 23 + States that have some law on the books regarding the legalization/decriminalization or medical usage of the plant.

A lack of person power, attracting new business and funding are often brought up when it comes to the current status of Trenton NJ, would a progressive step like legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana turn Trenton around overnight?  Probably not but I haven’t heard many other suggestions that can/are either.  I believe we have a wonderful opportunity to think and act  aggressively/progressively/creatively and globally in an effort to improve Trenton NJ.
Remember “Trenton New Jersey is where George Washington became George Washington” and therefore where the United States of America was born!