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Garden Cities: Urban Ag in the Garden State Conference Information

Jacque Howard

March 2015

Urban Agriculture
Ag In The City Conference
Newark NJ

The sold out event included panel speakers:

Karen Washington of Let’s Get Farming

Have a listen to my conversation with Karen.

Mary Seton Corboy of Greensgrow Philly

Laura Lawson Professor and Chair of the Rutgers School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

The event was coordinated by the newly created Ag In The City non-profit located on State St. in Trenton NJ.

The importance of food is never under debate as it shouldn’t be, however there is a long history and a number of growing efforts to educate the populous about access to food. 

Urban areas are often called “food deserts” because they have limited access to foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.  This debate will continue as many players voice opinions about the hierarchy of food not to mention the merchants and the economy of food.

The Isles organization with over 30 years of experience has a database of over 50 gardens in New Jersey’s capital city including school, share and community gardens.

In short Urban Agriculture is growing fruits, herbs and vegetables as well as raising animals in cities.  So much more information is available on the Internet have a look at these links.

New Jersey is called the Garden State and conferences like this are fine examples of the efforts of many from various backgrounds taking an active approach to address a fundamental need, FOOD.