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Lifestyle By Amans Brindled

Trashed Art Exhibit - Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville Branch

Matt Pilsner

Frequently I like to spend a few hours in a local library catching up on administrative items, researching or some quiet time reading.  The Lawrenceville NJ Branch of the Mercer County Library System is one of my favorites.

They have a decent Internet connection, the staff is very helpful, friendly and the location is usually on my route into or out of New Jersey’s capital city, Trenton.

On a recent trip my attention was captured by a piece of art.  While inspecting the sculpture I was approached by one of the staff members who explained that this piece of art was a part of the annual event, “TRASHED ART- A Contest for Creative Trash Transformation.”

The event coordinator Karen Serach was not available at the time but I was given information about the event, a tour of several pieces from previous events and asked to contact Karen with any other inquiries.  I did just that and was delighted to sit down with Karen Serach and to chat about her, and her efforts.  Have a listen to our conversation.


On the day of the reception I bumped into longtime Artworks Trenton supporter Glen Moore who entered a piece.  We chatted about the local art scene and of course Artworks before our recorded chat.  Have a listen to that conversation.

In addition to seeing Glen I met a new friend Marilyn Dombroski who was representing her Husband Gene Domborski and his submission.  We chatted for several minutes about mutual friends, aquaintances and of course artwork.  Have a listen to our chat.

Karen Serach is a very warm spirit who is passionate about the environment, art and sustainability.  I appreciate art in most forms and encourage the efforts of people who want to incorporate more art into the lives of the general public.